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Maite Perroni confirms relationship with Chilean singer and producer

4:16 PMNovelas Radar

After many rumors, Maite Perroni finally confirmed that she’s in a relationship. She revealed that she is having a beautiful love story with "Koko" (Cristián Stambuk), a Chilean singer, composer and producer, 36 years old, who was also the producer of her first solo cd "Eclipse de luna".

The Mexican actress and singer is doing very well with her cd, and it appears she has found love in the process. She revealed: “Koko is the person with whom I have been able to share and enjoy the thing called life. So I’m very well. I’m enjoying a beautiful story and feeling fulfilled in both the personal and the professional aspects.”

Rumors about a possible involvement between the two began circulating in October, when it was mistakenly informed that Maite was dating her spiritual guide. She added: “there were many false comments, and they were very funny, because they weren’t event informed. So I only laughed because they misunderstood everything.”

Perroni was quite secretive after breaking up with singer and actor Mane de la Parra last December. But it seems that she is very much in love now and ready to announce it to the world.

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