Erick Elías house moving

Erick Elías and Karla Guindi, preparing for house moving

11:36 AMNovelas Radar

We all remember the exciting moment when Mexican actor Erick Elías, who currently portrays Rogelio in the successful telenovela ‘Porque el amor manda’, announced a few weeks ago that he and his wife Karla Guindi are expecting their second daughter and even shared an ultrasound image of the baby with his fans on twitter.

The couple is keeping themselves busy and in order to accommodate the growing family, they will be moving soon to a new house. Both Erick and Karla were seen while enjoying a stroll along the streets of Mexico City, while searching for new items for their house. We couldn’t help but notice Karla’s growing baby bump of nearly four months. Karla, who is a renowned stylist for many celebrities, looked beautiful and chic in her jeans and grey T-shirt. 

In a few months the couple will welcome a cute little daughter, who will probably become the best friend and companion to their firstborn, Penélope.

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