Abismo de pasión Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer, stunning at a fashion event

10:50 AMNovelas Radar

Angelique Boyer was seen together with her boyfriend, telenovela producer José Alberto 'El Güero' Castro, in the gala event of Moda Nextel, which took place last Friday in the magnificent Vizcaínas school. The beautiful actress wore a grey gown that accentuated her spectacular figure.

The protagonist of popular telenovelas like ‘Teresa’ and ‘Abismo de pasión’ is enjoying her time off from telenovela-land. She said that she was out of Mexico City for a month and a half and that she had to take a break after working nonstop for eight years.

The couple seems to be going strong in spite of rumors that her parents strongly oppose their relationship because of their big age difference. When asked whether the couple has any wedding plans, she said that they are enjoying their relationship, but have no wedding plans for now. With a big smile on her face, she said that she’s better now than ever. She added that she is going through a great personal phase and is doing her best to become a better person with each day that goes by.

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