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What new telenovelas can we expect in the 2014-2015 Telemundo line-up?

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Telemundo revealed their upcoming program line-up at its upfront presentation in New York on Tuesday, May 13, including five new telenovelas: ‘Señora Acero’, ‘Los Miserables’, ‘Dueños del Paraíso’, ‘Tierra de Reyes’, and ‘El Jardinero’.

‘Señora Acero’ (Mrs. Acero), written by Roberto Stopello, the writer of Telemundo's blockbuster hit ‘La Reina del Sur’,  tells the story of Sara Aguilar Bermudez, played by acclaimed Mexican actress Blanca Soto. Sara is a woman who goes from being a housewife living an ordinary life to being the person capable of shaking the foundation of the Mexican government.  After her husband, Vicente Acero, is killed at their wedding, our heroine finds out Vicente was not the man she thought he was and, in fact, lived a double life. Her life becomes a race to evade the authorities and her husband's enemies, and along the way, becomes the "queen of organized crime."

 ‘Los Miserables’ is an original story by Valentina Parraga, inspired in the literary work ‘Les Misérables’ by Victor Hugo. The modern day spin on the classic tale stars top Mexican actress Aracely Arambula (La Patrona) as Lucia "Lucha" Duran, an innocent woman wanted by the law, who has to fight fiercely and stay hidden, until she is able to prove her innocence to her pursuer Daniel Ponce, the harsh chief detective of the narcotics unit, a man she will love as she has never loved anyone else before.

 ‘Dueños del Paraíso’ (Owners of Paradise), an original story by Pablo Illanes, inspired by real-life events during the height of the 1980s drug trade era in Miami, marks the return to Telemundo of renown actress Kate Del Castillo (La Reina Del Sur) as Anastasia Cardona, the widow of a well-known Mexican drug lord who has become psychologically disturbed by the violence that has surrounded her. When she partners up with two local cocaine traffickers to take on the Santa Norma cartel, they become the target of the so-called drug wars, transforming the streets of South Florida into a terrifying battlefield.

‘Tierra de Reyes’ (Land of Kings), an adaptation of the successful novela ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ by Julio Jimenez, tells the story of the Gallardo brothers as they search for truth and justice after tragically and mysteriously losing their sister. On their journey, each falls in love with the daughters of the man suspected to be responsible for their sister's death.

‘El Jardinero’ (The Gardener) tells the story of Carlos Martinez, an illegal immigrant living in Los Angeles. Carlos is an honest, hard-working man who aspires to offer his two sons a better future so that they can enjoy the opportunities he never had. In their quest for the American dream, father and sons will face the hatred and dangers within a city where the glamour of Hollywood often contrasts with the difficult life of the millions of undocumented Hispanics in the area. El Jardinero is a production inspired by an original story created by Roger L. Simon, an accomplished novelist and writer who has been involved in many successful projects, including the following films: A Better Life, Scenes for a Mall and Enemies, a Love Story.

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