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Globo's miniseries ‘O Canto da Sereia’ to be aired in Australia

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The super production ‘O Canto da Sereia’, which Globo is taking to LA Screenings 2014, promises to enchant Australians with its climate of mysticism, sensuality, and suspense. The miniseries has just had its exhibition rights acquired by one of Australia’s largest broadcast channels, SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). The Australian channel reaches more than 6 million people and its programming offers a mix of programs with news, entertainment, sports, and national and foreign productions. ‘O Canto da Sereia’ will be aired with English subtitles.

‘O Canto da Sereia’ was an audience success in Brazil. The story beat its predecessors in its timeslot and reached an average of 23 rating points with 50% of the share (Source: Ibope), the equivalent of around 20 million people per minute watching each episode. The show repeated its success in Portugal, where it was shown on Globo’s channel.

The miniseries, which is one of the new items in the Brazilian broadcaster’s catalog, tells the story of Siren (Ísis Valverde, ‘Avenida Brasil’), considered the queen of pop music, in whose world fame and wealth are intertwined with feelings of envy and hate. Her murder in the middle of Carnival shocks the country and the hunt for the criminal reveals a new suspect every day.

Based on the novel “O Canto da Sereia – Um Noir Baiano”, by Nelson Motta, the miniseries is a thriller set in Salvador, in the northeast of Brazil. Sereia’s murder takes place early in the first episode and the story is unveiled in flashback scenes. The further the investigations advance, the more the public learns about the protagonist’s true personality and her many enigmas.

‘O Canto da Sereia’ is a contemporary miniseries that has big-name actors in its cast such as 2013 International Emmy nominee for Best Actor, Marcos Palmeira, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Camila Morgado and Marcos Caruso.

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