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Bruna Marquezine confirms breakup with Neymar

2:02 PMNovelas Radar

Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, who rose to fame after beginning a romance with Neymar in the end of 2012, confirmed that she and the soccer player decided to end their relationship. The couple, who had a cotton candy relationship and constantly updated fans with their romantic photos and love declarations, faced many problems in their relationship, especially after Neymar moved to play in Barcelona while Bruna remained in Brazil. It was also said that Bruna’s mother Neide was strongly against their relationship, fearing her daughter will be hurt.

In spite of rumors that Neymar was being unfaithful several times, inviting some Brazilian girls to come all the way to Spain at his expense, and that Bruna also had a fling with fellow actor Arthur Aguiar, whom she met on the set of “Em Família” (who also ended longtime relationship with actress Giovanna Lancellotti shortly afterwards), Marquezine and Neymar both affirmed that they were still together and Neymar even flew over to Austria while Bruna was filming her novela there.

After Bruna confirmed that she is single again, she deleted her photos with Neymar from her Instagram. It was also said that she’s having a hard time in the set of “Em Família”, where she plays Luíza. It was reported that she couldn’t stop crying the day the breakup was revealed, while the staff was having a hard time to calm her down. 

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  1. They shouldn't have to breakup!! They were so cute together as a couple!

  2. Seriously.. like I'm freaking out right now. They was so romantic together like was the f**k happened

  3. what the fuck?? these are all bullshit!! they didnt break up!!!

  4. C'est la Vie...

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