Fabiola Campomanes Juan Osorio

Fabiola Campomanes and Pablo Montero to act in Juan Osorio’s “Mi corazón es tuyo”

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Official auditions for Juan Osorio’s upcoming novela “Mi corazón es tuyo” officialy began on February 13 in the fourth set of Televisa. Javier Jattin, Paulina Goto and Karla Gómez were among the actors who attended the auditions. 

Televisa confirmed in a press release that Rafael Inclán, Carmen Salinas, Adrián Uribe, René Casados, Fabiola Campomanes and Pablo Montero will participate in this telenovela, although it’s still not clear who the protagonists are. Marlene Favela and Blanca Soto’s names were mentioned as possible female leading actresses.

The producer Osorio thanked the actors who participated in the auditions and said that the production will be a big challenge for the entire cast. It will be a remake of the Spanish series “Ana y los siete”. Filming, led by directors Jorge Fons and Lily Garza, will start in April.

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